Waiting For Mohammed

SCG Members WaitDon’t ask me why – it’s a work thing – but I’ve just spent several hours standing outside the Members Entrance to the Sydney Cricket Ground where, already, people are lined up for tomorrow’s Sydney Ashes Test. Although most of those who intend to line up are not expected to be there until sometime later in the night, the first of the Members to arrive was at about two-thirty. Oddly enough, although they’re members, they’re not guaranteed seating, and so a custom has emerged which sees people lining up overnight, and then making a mad dash for seats, once the members gate officially opens. Those who’ve bought tickets arrive a little later in the morning and can take their seats in the more traditional manner.

SCG Members LineupThe people already there seemed very nice – not crazy at all – and actually shared some of their takeaway pizza with me. But mostly I was sitting there by myself for a while, waiting for a security guard, and watching the world go by. I chatted with a bloke who has just moved from NZ who told me he couldn’t believe how big Sydney was… I smiled… and to a Surry Hills couple who were walking past in anticipation of attending the cricket tomorrow. But by far the largest proportion of those who walked by were male couples, or large groups of males, so I’m either assuming there was either a dance party at Fox Studios today, or it’s the most convenient route to Oxford Street.

It was a nice time of the afternoon to be there, but as it’s just started to sprinkle lightly, I’m glad the security guard – Mohammed – arrived a short while ago.

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