I Go To Sleep

You know how some days you come home from work and the first thing you think of is a gin and tonic? Well, for me today it was one of the vodka lime, soda drinks you buy in a can, which I picked up on the way home. All the flavour of a soft drink, but with the added bonus of alcohol. Not that it was a stressful day or a difficult day. Quite the opposite, I had a really enjoyable day at work, had the opportunity to be very creative, and achieved a fair deal. But as I wandered home today, I really felt like a little drinkie.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve just woken up from an hour or so nap on the couch. A quick UDL on the balcony and I was fast asleep, missing the cooler change that came through. And not just a five minute power-sleep, it was a good hour long nap with deep intense dreams. In fact, I think it was the intensity of one of those dreams that woke me.

Sleep was on my mind a little today because I received one of those middle-of-the-night phone calls you know can never be good. I’ve only ever received a couple of them which were work-related, and today was one of them. Such are the dilemmas of working in an industry which operates 24×7. Having dealt with the issue, I found my sleep last night totally messed up.

Strange, since I’ve always been able to sleep well. A ten minute power nap? Not a problem. Famously, I remember coming back from the my first trip to Europe and sleeping for twenty-six hours straight. My poor concerned mother finally came in and woke me, fearing I might have slept forever. I swear if I lived in Japan, I could be one of those people who regularly sleeps standing up on the train.

Sleep has never been a problem, but perhaps my sleep this afternoon was a little more than just the result of a can … two actually … of UDL. I’m a bit tired generally at the moment and could do with a holiday. As we are going through an extended period of change at work right now, however, I feel a little obligated.

It’s not as if I went away my workplace would fall to pieces. I’m not the crazy control-freak who thinks the workplace revolves around me. I recognise other people could do my job, I think it’s just the impression it would give more than anything. And I’ve just realised I’ve broken one of the rules I have about this blog – not to talk about work.

But this is about me, not my work. I’ve got the travel bug at the moment. It all started with a trip to the Tax Agent who informed me of a reasonably healthy tax return which I’ve decided to allocate purely to overseas travel. I want to go to New York, Paris and Stockholm.

I don’t know how long for though. Although some days I think to myself, I’d like to do a short, sharp exciting trip. Other days I find myself contemplating one of those six month sojourns staying in backpacker hostels. I’ve even contemplated booking in to Central Backpackers in Sydney to see if, as a soon-to-be forty two year old, I could cope with one of those multi-room hostels.

So without reading too much into it, I think this afternoon’s nap is my body’s way of telling me it’s time to rest up for a bit. I’ve done the sums and I could actually take combined recreation and long-service leave of about eight months at full-pay. Wouldn’t that be a pleasure? Or maybe I just need a weekend away? Or maybe it’s a mid-life crisis?

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  1. Noo Yawk? I looove Noo Yawk. It would definitely be on my list. How about Dublin? Or Berlin?

    My partner and I just hired a car from San Francisco and drove up the coast to Seattle. That was really cool. Everywhere we stayed had free wifi (even the roadside rest areas have free wifi!) and we just booked one day ahead then downloaded the google maps to get to our destination hotel off the I5. If we did it over we’d take an extra couple of days so that we could stay in some places two nights, but otherwise it was great. I’d recommend it as a way to see local places but also cover quite a bit of ground.

  2. James, bugger the backpackers lodges – Check this out; (by the way this is not spam Jimmy) – “Couchsurfing” http://www.couchsurfing.com. A lot of people in the world wouldn’t travel any other way. Like Facebook, there are groups for special interests.
    PS When do you think you will be in France – I intend to spend rather a substantial part of next year there if I can wangle it!

  3. Thanks for the link. A friend told me about it the other day. The site looks interesting. I’m planning August or thereabouts in France. Depending on a variety of factors, including cost and my frame of mind, I’m thinking of travelling for one, two, three or maybe more months.

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