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West Coast of Ireland

West Coast of Ireland

I had a terrific phone call this morning from Kylie (my accountant) informing me that my “mega tax return” was just days away. This was the tax return you may recall I promised myself I would spend on overseas travel.

I know where I want to go: Sweden, France, United States. I’ve done a fair bit of travel planning and I have a reasonable idea of my itinerary.

I know when I want to go: August-October 2008 (and maybe longer).

I have more than enough leave: I could actually take 34 weeks of combined annual and long-service leave at full-pay if I wanted to.

But what I’m not sure about is what I should do now.

Should I go for an around-the-world-ticket? Should I go through a bricks-and-mortar travel agent? Should I book online directly with the airlines? Any advice you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

The last time I went on a big overseas trip, Damo did most of the planning. I’ve gotta be a grown-up myself this time and I need your help.

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