Seven Weird Facts

OK, so I have been tagged by Cellobella. And while I am normally not very good at these meme things, I thought this one was short enough and interesting enough to try. So here you are : Seven Weird Facts About Me…

1. I have three first names. Two grandfathers and a saint.

2. I have two tea chests of stuff in my garage which remain unopened from when I left Brisbane in Feburary 1988. I have no idea what is in them.

3. I have worked in NSW, Queensland, SA, WA, NT and the ACT. I haven´t worked in Victoria or Tasmania, although I have travelled to those places on work-related activity.

4. As a result, I have ordered beers in every state in Australia, and believe NSW has the best beer naming polic of all. Whatś a bloody pony? You call that a schooner? Thatś a midee I call on Kevin Rudd to immediately bring the country together and to announce the establishment of the National Beer Naming Authority which I will head.

5. Also in a work-related context, I can still cut and splice with a great deal of accuracy and can do a mean rolling edit. I al also pretty good at a slip-start. This makes no sense, I am sure, to anyone else except the people who work in the industry I do.

6. For a while as a child my beautiful blonde hair turned green, as a result of too much chlorine at the Lismore Baths.

7. I answer to the following names: James, JIm, Jimmy, Jamo and Ferd, depending on the circumstances. Related to this, all of my sisters (and mum and dad) have also all answered to different names. For example, my dadś name was Albert and he answered to the name Johnny and my mum was Bertha and she answered to the name Toby. My granny was also Bertha, but was known as LIzzie.

Go on, give it a go yourself…

Now that´s a proper beer!

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  1. Yay for old-fashioned skills, that we can proudly display before younger folk thereby proving how out of touch we are. I too can still cut tape like a demon (though my roll-edits were never so great) and I can slip start with my eyes shut. You rock.
    [BTW, like the blog reno job,]
    Can I be there when you open the tea chests?

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