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“It takes quite a while to get here”, I said to a friend at lunch today. He and his partner are also from the Eastern Suburbs where the idea of a trip to Lane Cove is the kind of thing you might only consider on a long-weekend! “We used 5 forms of transport to get here”, told me, “…bus, ferry, train, car and foot”. Although I’ve lived in Sydney for over twelve years, it was actually the first time I’ve ever been to Lane Cove. Travelling through the heartland of the “leafy North Shore” was a really pleasant surprise for me, and I totally understand how much people who live in the area really love it. The trees, the gullies, the ridges. All very beautiful. Just an awfully long way away on public transport.

Lane Cove

My other major public transport expedition this week was on Thursday. After installing my new floppy drive and new DVD-burner last weekend, my computer had stopped working. It just wouldn’t boot up, leading me to believe there may been a power supply problem. So I packed up my computer, and hopped on the bus to Pitt Street where my favourite computer technician, Jeremy has his office. Murphy’s Law demanded that immediately after explaining to Jeremy what I thought the problem was, it worked straight away. As it turned out, one of the USB ports was acting up, and so there was nothing too much to worry about.

My only other expedition this week was one much closer to home to see see Ngapartji Ngapartji at Belvoir St Theatre. With a lead actor who was absolutely tremendous, and a group of traditional Aboriginal women providing support, it was a truly remarkable piece of theatre. I thought the first half was terrific, dealing with a range of complex matters, including the nuclear tests at Maralinga with honesty, integrity, passion and humour. Unfortunately, it went on for far too long. LIke most theatre these days, both Colin and I agreed it was “about twenty minutes too long”. Another friend who was at lunch today, who was also there on Wednesday night, agreed.

Aside from a mini-beer, which became a major-beer with Graeme on Friday night, that’s my week. Next week will be more interesting, I promise.

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  1. I remember all too well that trip! I was working in North Ryde and living in Cook Rd, Centennial Park.
    Bus to Bondi Junction, train to Town Hall, change lines, train to St Leonards, bus to North Ryde – three and a half hours worth of commuting per day – yuck! I moved up north as soon as the lease on my flat expired.

  2. Lane Cove? Just down the road from me!
    Don’t be fooled… Lane Cove is not quite the “leafy North Shore”… you have to travel a little further north-east for that. North of Chatswood, and further. I grew up in Wahroonga and St Ives… if you get a chance, travel up there and you’ll see what leafy means! lol

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