Catching Up

Getting off the bus at Taylor Square last night I stopped for a moment to watch a photo shoot. It was obviously some beer commercial as the girl in the red wig would, from time to time, pick up one of the nearby bottles, shake it up, and then take off the cap, with beer spraying all over the place. Although we consider ourselves “Australia’s Only Global City”, Sydney is still small enough that a photo shoot at night is still interesting enough to cause a number of passers-by to stop for just a moment to watch.


I’d been to see the Wharf Review at Sydney Theatre. It was, honestly, one of the funniest, most biting pieces of Australian satire I’ve seen in years. A highlight for me was Jonathan Biggens as Paul Keating. If you had walked in half way through and had looked to the stage to see the look, the movement, the intonation in his voice, all of the words he said, you would have genuinely thought it was Keating on stage. Another highlight was the portrayal of Kevin Rudd and Julian Gillard as well-meaning scouts, and John and Jeanette Howard as Hitler and Eva Braun in the final days in the bunker. Oh, and there was a great sketch about China. In a post-election context, it was really great to see their “take” on Australian political and cultural life. Loved it.

As for today… I caught up with Mark, at an exhibition launch at concert at Damien MInton Gallery this afternoon. And tonight I’m heading off to the Mardi Gras Film Festival to see a remake of The Picture of Dorian Gray set in the modern New York art scene. Tomorrow’s there’s lunch with friends and Fair Day. Is it any wonder my next door neighbour says I’m never home!

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  1. Can you fwd me the email with this week’s meetup details? I’ll try to make it.

    What a bizarre photo shoot. Are they bottles of Corona?

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