Pick The Mistake

Inside out, back to front.
Inside out, back to front.

I had a drink tonight with a mate who shall remain nameless.

Used with permission is this photograph of the DOUBLE MISTAKE he made in getting dressed today.

Oddly enough, he only discovered this after a day out and about on the town.

“Why didn’t anyone say anything?”, he asked rhetorically.

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  1. the other andrew


  2. Damien

    my first thought too…

  3. Peter

    Before you know it its a new trend!

  4. James

    I’ve never been one for outing people for fashion faux pas!

  5. Graeme


    Can’t a boy do something in a rush and not live to regret it.

    I do understand know why people in Leicchardt, Annandale & Glebe were looking at me strangely all day.

    Street Cred for Graeme: -10

  6. Denys

    Was that you!

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