Yum Cha Sunday

For some people I kinda get the impression “Yum Cha” has become the modern version of going to church. Not so much for the religious aspect (obviously), but for the way in which people gather and socialise.

I got a text-message from Damien (TOD – The Other Damien, as he shall now been known as) to join him and a few friends for a catch-up this morning. Along with his wife, there were two or three people I’ve met previously, and some other people (work colleagues) I’ve never met before. It’s something he organises from time to time.

Fifty years ago, we would have been meeting at church. Now we’re meeting over pork buns and mango pudding.

And that was my day…

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  1. Cathy Avatar

    I love yum cha with a passion and used to go regularly in Sydney when I lived there. A few weeks ago I decided to introduce my chap & daughter to the delights of yum cha in Melbourne – it was quite surreal! There was a massive line outside the restaurant before it even opened. We were carried inside by the vast crowd, and given derisive looks when we said that we didn’t have a reservation. The maitre’d and head waiters looked like bodyguards to the president – they all had communications headsets on, and were men in black! We were shuffled into an elevator (along with all the other naughty people who didn’t have a reservation) and shown to a tiny window seat.
    HOWEVER, the food was absolutely brilliant – no wonder there was a queue! If you are ever in Melbourne…..Shark Fin House…131 Little Bourke St

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