The Crack-Berry

Blackberry or Crack-berry?
Blackberry or Crack-berry?
Since returning to work last week, I feel I’ve done a good job in maintaining the “work/life balance” that was lacking before I went away.

I’ve been getting all my work done during office hours, without really needing to do anything at home, aside from listening to the radio.

I’ve been going out for lunch every day, which is a wonderful bit of “me time” in the middle of my daily demands. It’s also actually been quite productive, since I’ve been able to solve a problem or prepare for a conversation quietly without interruption.

And I’ve also been really good at keeping things “at a distance”, and not feeling like I have to solve every problem myself. I’ve learned a lot about delegation over the last few months.

And I’ve also learned a lot about myself and how I want to spend my life, with a better balance between the hours I spend at work and the hours I spend on my life.

But now something’s happened that worries me just a little: I’ve been given a Blackberry.

The thought behind this purchase was that it would free from being chained to my desk all day, which I really appreciate. But I know deep down how much I love technology, and how addicted I can sometimes find myself to gadgets and stuff. I worry that I’ll be answering emails and responding to stuff at three o’clock in the morning, stuff that could otherwise wait, or probably doesn’t need a response.

Of course, the technology itself shouldn’t be the problem. Really, the problem lies with me, and how I use the technology, and how I feel deep down about the balance between work and life. And if I end up doing stuff like that I need to walk away and have a good hard look at myself. I’m gonna do my best, but still I worry the technology will seduce me and bring out the more addictive side of my personality.

Your thoughts would be appreciated. How do you avoid becoming one of those crazy people for whom the Blackberry is actually a Crack-Berry?

7 thoughts on “The Crack-Berry

  1. Yup, they free you from being chained you your desk, but they just add a longer chain to your job. You’ll have to train people and resist the temptation to reply and send emails at all hours, otherwise they’ll come to expect it and you’re life won’t be your own. I wonder how long you’ll be able to resist that little flashing light?! :P

    For my own part I solved it by leaving my office crackberry in my desk drawer! My home iPhone of course I have on me all the time! :)

  2. I have a work iphone, but I just turn off the sound and don’t check it when I’m not at work. l don’t read or answer work emails from it.

  3. Hmmm. I’ve avoided one of those so far although my co-worker has one. She got one because she tends to skew her day to work later in the evening and wanted to be in touch for the early morning stuff.

    I do tend to check my emails a lot anyway and have forwarded everything to my gmail account so I figure I don’t really need one.

    And I feel as if I work 24/7 already!

    I’ll be interested to see how you handle it and look forward to your tips.

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