Sweetie, Darling

For the last two or three years in the run up to Christmas one of my colleagues has been in the habit of bringing in some “lollies” as a gift to the workplace.

Snakes. Bananas. Teeth. Bullets. You know the stuff I mean? The stuff we all grew up with and love. Even butter-scotch which is a particular favourite of mine.

He places them on the partition above his workplace in some “party bowls”.

Workplace Sweets

It’s a lovely thought on his part, and we all think it’s terrific that he does it. But oh my, it’s such a temptation for those of us with a sweet tooth!

There must have been eight or nine occasions today when I needed to go to his desk to ask about something. “How are you going? Is everything okay? Shall I check back in half an hour?”, I found myself asking, while sneakily grabbing another sweet (or two).

Just yesterday, another colleague who I haven’t seen for a while commented on how much weight I’ve lost this year. “I can’t believe it’s as simple as regular exercise and eating properly. It’s crazy! I always thought it was glandular!”, I told him, adding that I’m sure there’s room on the market for another weight-loss book based on my experience this year.

But with the sweets on my colleague’s desk, I fear I’m on the verge of a return to being overweight. Nooooo!

Tomorrow, I’m going to have a lollie-free day, I swear.

And next year, he’s moving to an earlier shift, so hopefully that might help as well.

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  1. I’ve maintained a lolly jar on my desk for about 8 years now and it continues to be popular – people will come around to my desk just to have a lolly and a chat! I love it! :-)

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