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The day was dominated once again by work. We had the finals of the National Poetry Slam at the Sydney Opera House. That meant a lot of hard work over several hours.

But aside from hard work, I also caught up with Kate who has just returned from China. Kate came along, we had a great catchup, we had some drinks, and she took some great photographs of the night.

Speaking of China, Damo goes next week, and I’m looking for somewhere in Sydney for a nice farewell meal where they speak Mandarin, not Cantonese. Can you suggest somewhere?

And by the way, am I the only person who was never been to China :) I’m beginning to feel that way!

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  1. marcellous Avatar

    Well there’s pretty well anywhere in Ashfield. Their native language will be Shanghainese but they will also speak Mandarin. That might be too far out for you. Or there is the Xibei (西北) – meaning, west-north or in English, north-west) English name See-bay, next to the sex-on-premises venues in lower Pitt St, but maybe that won’t be fancy enough. Or you could try the grander noodle place upstairs in World Square (over-priced, but as a Taiwanese chain they will speak Dixie-equivalent Mandarin). Plenty of the waiters in Chinatown are in fact ex-PRC, so will also speak putonghua.

  2. Victor Avatar

    I think I can confidently assert that a majority of the world’s population has never been to China.

    However I have to admit that I worked there for a couple of years in the early 1980s.

  3. James Avatar

    Marcellous – thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Tom Avatar

    @Victor… doesn’t the majority of the world’s population LIVE in china? Well almost. :)

    I asked my classmates but they’re all of the cantonese variety I’m afraid. Why would you want to find a restaurant where they speak mandarin was the universal response! :)

  5. M-H Avatar

    I’ve never been to China (unless you count Hong Kong). I have been to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. So China must be next.

  6. Victor Avatar

    Tom, China certainly has a big chunk of the world’s population but there are still plenty elsewhere to outnumber them. :-)

  7. James Avatar

    Tom – See Bay turned out to be excellent.

    M-H – lovely to see you again, hoping the removals, renovations has all gone well.

    Victor – Hi Victor, I tried to comment on the straight Swedish boys kissing post, but still had problems. I’ll try from work. Nice clip by the way.

  8. Tom Avatar

    Which came first? See Bay or eBay?

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