Another Busy Sunday

It’s been really great having Patrick visiting this weekend.

After yesterday’s Swedish Saturday, we both woke late.

And while Patrick went off with some friends for a day at the beach, I had a meeting with my friends in Hawkesbury One, an art collectors group we formed a several years ago.

Put simply, we each contribute an amount of money each year with which we collectively purchase art works. The works are then shared and rotated amongst us for six months at a time. It’s a very democratic structure, as we all contribute exactly the same amount of money, and all have an equal say in the art works we purchase.

Overall it was a reasonably productive meeting, and it was great to see everyone again, as we usually only meet every three, four or six months. So it’s not only “business” that we all talk about. “I remember when you were pregnant with your first child”, I said to one of the members, as we reflected on the fact she and her husband now have three daughters. Time flies, eh?

And then I came home and caught up with Patrick, and we then headed off to a birthday party I’d been invited to upstairs at KInselas.

It was a bit of a showbiz party with a few well-known faces here and there, including the very stalkable Matthew Mitcham. It was the second Sunday I’ve seen him in a row. How weird is that?

After a couple of hours, I bid Patrick a fond farewell, as he headed off back to Canberra.

And then I came home, watched my usual favourite Sunday night viewing of British comedy on Foxtel – “Are You Being Served”, “Yes Prime Minister”, “On The Buses” etc – and then it was time for bed.

That’s enough activity for a Sunday, surely?

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