Friday Night

When you get a text message from a friend at 8.59am on a Friday that reads “Feel like a beer tonight?”, you just know it’s gonna be a big night.

I’d already arranged to catch up with Michaela for a late afternoon drink and chat at Yulli’s, my favourite small bar in Sydney.

And I’d written an email to Andrew the night before asking what he was up to over the weekend.

As it turns out, I don’t remember much about work, but I certainly remember a lot about catching up with friends tonight.

Enjoying the laser lights at The Clarence on Parramatta Road.

Michaela and I caught up, and, as usual, we had loads of fun chatting about life the universe and everything. “Shall we have another bottle?” seemed to be the phrase the most sums up the night. Also memorable was the halloumi, which, as per usual was excellent.

After an hour or so at home in which I showered, shaved etc, I caught a bus the to The Clarence for a further few beers with Andrew.

There was much to discuss, much to joke about, and much fun to be had. Overall, a great night amongst the coolness of one of Sydney’s small bars, and the laser lights of The Clarence.

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