Too Darn Hot

Public health warning of soft-drink advertisement?
Public health warning or soft-drink advertisement?
As I walked along Macquarie Street this afternoon I looked up towards the sky and noticed the words “stay cool”.

“What a great idea”, I thought to myself. “It’s a public health warning from the state government”, I believed at first.

On a very warm day in Sydney, it was a timely reminder – I thought – of the need do all of those things the health authorities normally warn us to do via the radio.

Well, that’s what I thought it was.

And I suspect most people thought it was until about ten minutes later, the words “Lipton Ice Tea” also appeared in the sky.

It wasn’t a health warning. It was a bloody ad.

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  1. Yeah, we saw it too as we drove to Bunnings! Didn’t see the Liptons part tho, just the Stay Cool. It didn’t really feel as hot as all the weather predictions would have had us believe.

  2. I’d be a bit worried about the government writing orders to us in the sky. It’s a bit ‘1984.’ Somehow I prefer it when it’s just some stupid ad.

    Also, I wonder if they have a special selection process for potential skywriters… I for one would probably just do a giant cock and balls up there.

  3. Victor – don’t judge me!!

    Monty – yeah I felt kinda guilty talking to people on the Melbourne on that day about how mild it was.

    Mark – hehehehe. You’re looking for a life-model for these art works in the sky? :)

  4. Did you see it being drawn? There was a giant pause between the P and the T, leading to all sorts of lewd suggestions as to how Lips might keep one cool.

    What was the deal at the ABC the other morning? Heaving with police and they’d shut off the walkway at the back when I tried to walk past. Hope it was nothing serious.

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