A New Day

It was a brand new day, a fresh new day, and it’s been a reasonably interesting and straightforward day, as I’ve returned to my regular job after a brief period of “higher duties” while someone was on leave.

One of the many highlights of the day was attending the opening of the Bald Archy Exhibition.

You’ve got the Archibald Prize which, apparently is the best of the best. You’ve got the Salon de Refuses which, apparently is the best of the rest. And with the Bald Archy, it’s all about taking a topical, sometimes satirical look at the year that has just occurred.

There was a lot of media interest in the 2009 Bald Archy Prize Winner, James Brennan and his portrait of Bart Cummings.

There’s a cople of very creepy looking Bill Henson as nude teenagers. There’s a lovely Jane McGrath, hovering above the SCG. And there’s a terrific Bart Cummings, following his record win at the Melbourne Cup.

The portrait of Bart, by James Brennan was the winner this year, and deservedly so. It’s a lovely piece. “Bob Hawke-like” was how it was described by James Valentine who hosted today’s event.

The artist, James Brennan is a railway worker based in the Hunter Valley, and this is second successive win. Last year, he won with that memorable painting of the Danish Royal family which featured Princess Mary breast-feeding and Prince Frederik grabbing his crotch. This year, his work is less satirical and more affectionate.

The exhibition is at the ABC Ultimo Centre in Harris Street, open daily over the next few weeks.

Aside from that, I had a drink with a work-mate after work, a bit of a catchup, and I had not one, but two family history-related phone calls.

What I failed to do was finish my Swedish homework, though I could actually submit what I have already done. Still, tomorrow is a new day.

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