Amazing Grace

Boys should make passes at boys who wear glasses...
Boys should make passes at boys who wear glasses...

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…
I once was lost, but now I’m found
‘Twas blind, but now I see…

The first thing I noticed when I picked up my glasses (set of two) was how suddenly clear the text before my eyes became.

The bottom three lines of text on a piece of carboard I was shown went from blurry-incomprehensible, to an almost-alarming level of clarity.

Reading in bed is going to be so much easier.

My intention is to use the multi-focals at work – where I’ll probably need to go between reading and typing and having face-to-face conversations – and to keep the reading glasses strictly for home.

On the way home I thought I’d keep the multi-focals on, in an effort to get a little acclimatised to them. According to Damo, it should take no more than half-a-day.

Nonetheless, walking was quite a disorienting experience, as my natural inclination is to look down when I’m walking. There are probably self-esteem issues there, but of course, that is where the reading lens is focussed. Quite an odd feeling, I must say…

And then, on arriving home I’ve discovered my keyboard is filthy, and I really should clipper my nails.

These are the downsides of suddenly being able to see things so clearly.

8 Replies to “Amazing Grace”

  1. oooh! they look fab!

    I know what you mean about the clarity. I don’t have a very strong prescription, but when I first got my reading glasses it was as though someone had cleaned my eyes with windex.

    I just bought a second pair to use at home (I have a horrible habit of leaving mine at work). It really is amazing how you can have no idea that your vision needs a little boost and how wonderful and surprising it is that everything is so sharp.

  2. Thanks Peter, Carol and DR for your nice comments. And nice to meet you DR.

    I also received some nice comments on Facebook….

    Andrea…. likes this.

    Rina…Great specs, James!

    Louisa… GREETINGS!!!!

    Mary-Helen…. You look quite scarey – like a real boss! Great look.

    Kerrie… great choice, the specs suit you!

    Richard… i told you, it makes one look intelligent. case proved!

    Georgia… Ah yes, Amazing Grace, that tremendous tribute to the wonders of OPSM. But seriously, loving the specs!

    Fiona… A true brainiac. You should go on the Einstein Factor – topic? ABBA.

    Sue…Very good! I like the corporate look! I thought you said they were blue (they don’t look blue in the photo).

    Ian… That’s MISTER O’Brien to you.

    Bronween… Where’s James gone …. get rid of the impostor in glasses!

    Cathy… I’d like to see another photo where you are looking happy!

    Paul… very smart James!

    Me…. Thanks all for the nice comments. The next challenge is being able to walk and wear them at the same time.

    Sue… Most men find doing two things at once hard! :)

    So it looks like the choice was a good one. What a relief!!

    1. You’re supposed to say I look hot, not “you look like a businessman”. Sheesh. Actually wearing my second pair right now, as I forget to bring my proper ones home. The second pair aren’t as sexy, though.

  3. They look really good on you James…nice choice! But I must agree, you do look like a businessman with them…but I do think that’s a good thing! :-)

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