Big Day

“We live in Sydney too, you know”, I overhead a woman at Bundeena RSL say today, with a smile on her face. She had just asked a nearby couple where they lived. And instead of replying, “We live in St Ives” (which we later discovered”, they replied “we live in Sydney”, as if Sydney was somewhere other than Sutherland Shire. It was kinda ironic because the view from Bundeena RSL offers a fairly good panorama of the CBD skyline in the far distance.

The ferry between Cronulla and Bundeena leaves Cronulla on the half hour and Bundeena on the hour. The current price is $5.70 both ways.

Overall it was a really lovely day, and for just a while I felt like I was on holiday again. As I caught the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena, I was reminded of being on one of the short ferry runs around the Stockholm Archipelago last year. The weather then, and today was pretty spectacular. Warm without being hot. And without the slightest hint of humidity. The ferry run from Cronulla took about fifteen minutes and was populated by a variety of age groups, most of whom seemed to end up at the RSL for lunch.

We shared some Oysters Kilpatrick, and both had the Chicken Salad, accompanied by a bottle of wine. A total of about $30 per head, which was pretty good, I thought. We also had a few games of pool (I kicked Damien’s arse 3 games to 1), and chatted about this, that, and the other.

Bundeena Wharf

As we bid each other a fond farewell, I popped into Lowes at Cronulla, as I love a good suburban shopping centre, where I picked up a couple of new shirts to wear to work. I slept for most of the train trip home.

And then tonight, Andrew invited me along to a group dinner at the Thai restaurant at The Bank in Newtown.

He’s been corresponding for a while with a US blogger who writes about food and stuff. She’s married to an Australian, used to live here, and regularly returns. And so it was a group dinner in which she caught up with old friends and met with Andrew for the first time. We had a great night, consumed oodles of food, wine, and some cocktails, and generally enjoyed ourselves very much. When the party moved on to someone’s house, I decided it was time to come home, though. After all, I’d promised myself a quiet weekend, after the busy times, I’ve experienced lately.

The plan for tomorrow is Swedish homework, and a couple of work-related things I just need some quiet headspace to complete.

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  1. Looks and sounded as if it was an absolutely perfect day. Overland and over seas – great cuisine and good company too.

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