Hump Day Homework

My text book, Svenska Utifran
My text book, Svenska Utifran

One of the first things I did when I got to work today was organise to do my Swedish homework.

As mentioned previously, it was homework right up my alley: conduct an interview with a Swedish person living in Sydney about their life.

It didn’t need to be a lengthy analysis of their lives and motivations, just a brief chat about how they came to be in Sydney, what they missed about life in Sweden, and whether or not they had plans to return.

As a colleague is half-Swedish, half-Australian, the challenge was easy to organise. And as it was in a medium which I have spent most of my life involved in, it was something which I felt comfortable with.

Nonetheless, I still felt a little bit nervous as we conducted the interview late this afternoon.

“Speak slowly, won’t you?”, I asked her. “Treat me as if I’m a three year old”, I suggested.

She didn’t speak down to me, but she did speak slowly, which really helped.

And I was quite excited that I was able to understand and ask follow up questions.

So overall, it was an exciting process. The next step is to transcribe the conversation and send it off.

Otherwise, it was a reasonably ordinary Wednesday.

I’m a bit tired tonight. I guess it’s because the weekend was so busy. And because I’ve had a non-stop social life since about last Tuesday.

It’s the “hump day”, and I’m anxiously awaiting the weekend as a time just to relax. I might do the odd thing here or there, but basically I’m looking forward to a bit of an afternoon nap come Saturday, I reckon.

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