Tuesdays with Tom

My text book, Svenska Utifran
My text book, Svenska Utifran

Swedish class was a bit of a challenge tonight.

Even though my level of understanding remains reasonably high, and I’m pretty happy with my pronunciation, we’ve begun to enter the murky world of complex grammar.

And even though I work in an industry where language is important, and where my understanding of the complex world of English language grammar is of a high level, it’s instinctive, not learned.

I’m having to learn all manner of things I never learned in school. I was part of the generation in which we learned about verbs and nouns and not much else.

So late this afternoon, as I was walking down York Street, I called in to Abbeys Book Store, which has an extensive foreign language collection and bought a book called “Swedish: Essentials of Grammar” by Ake Viberg, Kerstin Ballardini and Sune Stjarnlof. Hopefully this will help…

Amongst the many things I did today was meet Tom from Tom’s Place. Yes, he does exist beyond the world of blogging.

As he’s studying at a location nearby my work, we caught up for a coffee for half an hour or so at about the only decent place for coffee in Ultimo.

We had a really great chat, and he seems like a very charming lovely bloke.

Overall, it’s been a really good day.

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  1. Tom’s a great guy! Unfortunately, he’s resisted all attempts by my good self to get him a man! But hey ho, he’s still lovely and well worth a chat! :-) Glad he’s finally starting to meet some fellow bloggers!

    1. My guess is that when he’s ready to find himself a bloke, he’ll be snapped up quickly. All in God’s time…

      1. Ha, I thought I felt my ears burning and someone talking about me!

        James, it was great to meet you too. Thanks for coffee! :)

        Monty… bloody hell, um, didn’t we agree no matchmaking attempts? LOL.

  2. How does “Jag vet inte” sound like awning?! LOL for me it’s the pronunciation- I guess I just need to master their phoenetic alphabet…I hear that for a European language the grammar aspect is “really easy” relative.

    1. Try saying it with it all scrambled together…. “yaw-vinte” and it’s getting in the direction of “awning”. Anyway…. I could be completely wrong. Now, most importantly, I’ve organised to screen the final of Melodifestivalen on Sunday at 3pm at the Lewisham Hotel on Parramatta Road. I’m not sure how many people will be there, but I’m hoping a few, and hoping to get the word out. It would be fab if you came along. And please invite anyone else you can think of who thinks Swedes are fantastic and make the world’s best pop music.

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