Friday Night Indoors

“When it rains in Sydney, it really bloody rains”, I noted to my friend Sue visiting from Melbourne.

Melbourne has its perpetual awful weather, whereas Sydney has awful weather on occasion. While in Melbourne it may be overcast most of the day with drizzle, in Sydney, our weather is usually characterised by bright sunny days followed by a late afternoon or evening torrential downpour. That’s why, oddly enough, Sydney has a higher level of rainfall than Melbourne.

Sue and I had planned to go down to the harbour to see the Light Festival, and had worked out all of the contingencies including buss timetables.

We were both extremely hungry though, and so had decided to head along Crown Street for something to eat first. My suggested location was Agave, a new Mexican restaurant which has recently opened in the same building as Hudson’s Meats and Monkey Magic, which Colin and I visited a few weeks ago.

Rainy Night on Crown Street

We both LOVE Mexican food. “If it contains sour cream, I’ll be there”, Sue commented when I suggested the place. Interestingly enough, neither one of our meals contained sour cream!

When we entered the place was almost empty. When we left it was packed to the rafters. And a bit noisy.

The sangria was excellent. The chorizo was excellent (the accompany tomato sauce was brilliant). I thought the chicken dish with a slightly chocolately sauce was terrific, though Sue found it a little rich. Overall, we had a great meal, and it wasn’t too expensive either. Forty dollars per head.

As we walked back up Crown Street towards the bus stop near Arthur Street the rain came pelting down. It only took us about 30 seconds of standing in the bus shelter to look at each other, and to agree that going home and watching television/DVDs was a far better option for the night, than going down to Circular Quay and getting wet.

Besides, we were both soaked by the time we got home, and that was with umbrellas, and only a short distance away.

I’m keen to go back to Agave if anyone is interested…

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