Carefree Wednesday

As I will be working on the weekend, I took a day off today. I woke late, I watched a bit of television, and then I caught up with Colin for lunch. We had a vague plan of meeting at the Oxford Street corner of St Vincent’s Hospital, and then heading up to Victoria Street for a nice lunch.

Although Italian was my initial suggestion, as I walked towards Taylor Square, and began to visualise the restaurants on Victoria Street, I remembered Sel et Poivre, a terrific French cafe.

It was Colin who first took me there several years ago. I remember having snails for the first time there, and I remember with fondness their beef cheeks. I’ve been back several times to enjoy the beef cheeks, by the way. Truly memorable. Today, however, I didn’t have the beef cheeks. Instead, we both had the Beef Provencale which was excellent. And for mains, we entree, we shared a really lovely terrine.

World Cup Qualifier – Australia v Japan

After lunch, we visited the nearby French patisserie, as I’d heard they sold Princesstorta, which I mentioned the other week. And sure enough they do, in all its lurid green glory.

A brief visit to a friend who has been ill lately followed, and then I had every intention of finding a movie somewhere. Instead, I came home for a nap.

The day ended with our usual Wednesday night at the pub. “The usual place, the usual bunch”, to misquote an ABBA song. Oddly enough we found ourselves enjoying watching the Japan/Australia World Cup Qualifier which was screening on the big screen. The match was made especially compelling by the tight game. We all decided Tim Cahill was a star, even if he came across as a little inarticulate/difficult (?) in the post-game interview.

All in all, it was a great day.

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