Day of Rest

You know how the weekend is supposed to be when you relax, and catch up, and get your life back in order after working hard all week? In theory at least you should feel refreshed.

It’s now Sunday night and I’m bloody exhausted. This is despite the fact that I had an afternoon nap on the couch. And despite the fact that I didn’t do all that much today except go out for lunch with some friends.

After my recent lunchtime experience at the Tap House Hotel (excellent roast), I invited four friends to join me for lunch there.

Unfortunately today the roast was a little tough. I’m guessing it had been carved a little too early. The rest of the meal – two plates of antipasto and a swathe of chocolate deserts – however, was excellent.

They’ve done a terrific job on the upstairs renovation of this wonderful old pub, without the need to resort to polished boards or faux-Irish fittings.

Tap House Hotel
Tap House Hotel

It’s a very comfortable place where you can have a meal and then retire to some nearby couches to finish off that last glass of wine or beer.

I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep tonight, as the week ahead is reasonably busy.

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