7 thoughts on “Two postcards from Stockholm

  1. Might that be a smart new digital radio that the photos are propped against? I suppose if anyone should have one, you should.

    1. Andrew, yes it is a digital radio. I’m still not buying one for home yet, though, as I suspect they’ll come down in price, and there’ll be more on the market for Christmas.

    1. Hey Peter, lovely to hear from you. If my trip for next year goes to plan, I’ll be popping into Amsterdam once again. James

  2. I noticed the radio too… did you blur the display on it so we couldn’t see you were tuned in to Kyle & Jackie O? ;)

    The best thing about travelling is the planning and the anticipation, and I’m sure next year will come around quickly and you’ll be making your colleagues envious with your postcards before you know it!

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