Bargain Saturday

Cleveland Street, Surry Hills
Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

It was a day of “bargain-hunting” for me, as I did a bit of “op-shopping”.

High on my agenda was a new pair of blue jeans.

When you go to most retail outlets, these days, you have a choice of either the skinny-legged variety, or those designed with NYC homies in mind, with the crotch somewhere around your knees.

Another problem for me is that I’m on the short-fat spectrum of human body shape, whereas most jeans are manufactured with the tall-thin body spectrum in mind, it seems these days.

And when it comes to jeans, I’m a little old-fashioned. I like to wear them somewhere between my hips and my waist, and don’t feel the need to expose either my bum-crack nor the lower part of my groin.

I’ve also noted that jeans are outrageously expensive, these days. I mean, they’re a pair of bloody jeans, so why are they priced from $100 upwards?

So at the Salvos store on Broadway today, I picked up a pair of good-looking, high quality, regular jeans for $10 that don’t need any adjustment, and that I’m sure will guarantee me a couple of years of life.

While waiting for the change room to confirm my purchase – there was a woman in there for at least 15 minutes – I also noted a lovely suit for $40. It’s greenish-grey in colour, is made from 100% new wool, and manufactured by Jeff Banks. Overall, it was another bargain as one of the store’s half-price specials, meaning it cost only $20.

So in summary, today, I’ve picked up some nice clothing at very low prices, and have managed to help both the environment and a charity. I feel as though I’m at peace with the world… :)

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