Manic Monday

Jack Tsonis and Lindsay Morrison
Jack Tsonis and Lindsay Morrison

You just know it’s not going to be a normal Monday when you walk in to your workplace and there are two blokes trying to beat and set a new record for the world’s longest handshake.

And you definitely know it’s not going to be a normal Monday when minutes later you see Hulk Hogan walk into your workplace.

Seconds later the handshake blokes are shaking hands with Hulk Hogan.

It’s kind of like a weird dream isn’t it? “You know I had this dream last night where there were two guys shaking hands for an entire day. And then minutes later I met Hulk Hogan”. You know what I mean.

As odd as it sounds, that was how my Monday started and finished, as a couple of very nice blokes sought to set a new world record, and raise some money in our reception area, and which received significant radio coverage and was video streamed throughout the day. Or as the blurb said…

Join Jack Tsonis and Lindsay Morrison on the International Day of Peace (21st of September) as we attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for the Longest Continuous Handshake between 2 people (World’s Longest Handshake). The shake will be a wrist-breaking 12 hours! (The current record is 11, so we figured half a day was a solid effort.) Actually, the exact time we have chosen to do is 12hrs 34mins 56secs, just so the record looks even cooler – go sequence!

Throughout the day I popped out into the foyer to check on their progress.

Like an armchair Olympic Expert, I decided they were pacing themselves too quickly early in the morning.

By mid-afternoon I had decided they were looking a bit tired.

And then, at about the time the record was about to come around they got a second wind.

“I don’t know how they’ve done it”, I said to Lindsay’s dad at point point.

“The power of youth” he replied.

They set their own record of 12hrs 34mins 56secs at about 7.20pm this evening.

You can donate to support their efforts by visiting their website for World’s Longest Handshake.

2 Replies to “Manic Monday”

  1. James,
    thanks for your help for the “boys’ on the day. It was fantastic an although the security guards looked frazzled all the other ABC staff just seemed to be getting into it and it was a really happy place to be.


    Tony M (Dad of Lindsay)

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