Christmas Eve Informality

What I look like in shorts - taken at Brunswick Heads in 1990
What I look like in shorts – taken at Brunswick Heads in 1990

“You’re looking casual today” was a phrase I heard more than once at work today.

As pretty much everyone has now gone on leave, and there’s just a skeleton staff around the office, I went to work in shorts, a t-shirt and thongs.

I knew there was “no one important” I had to deal with.

I thought it might send a good message of informality to the staff around the Christmas break.

And it’s also because it’s summer and it’s bloody hot.

I’ve been struggling with clothing to and from work for the last few weeks. Although it’s fine at work, it’s warm getting to and from there.

The tie went a few weeks ago.

I wore jeans a couple of times last week.

And then today today, I slipped into shorts and thongs.

I’m working a fair bit over the next few days, and so I’ve got at least three or four days ahead of me where I can be equally informal in my attire.

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  1. Brunswick Heads revisited? While I am sure you will get that, your readers would have to be of a certain age to understand. Must get the tapes out and have a listen again.

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