Servo Fireworks

Lismore Fireworks viewed from South Lismore
Lismore Fireworks viewed from South Lismore

You know how each year hundreds of thousands watch the new year’s eve fireworks go off over the harbour?

I wonder how many could claim to have watched the fireworks go off over the South Lismore servo?

That’s what we did tonight, unaware until we heard the first explosion Carols by Candelight was being held on the banks of the Wilson’s River.

So we rushed outside and watched them explode over the servo.

We really should pay more attention, eh?

But despite the less than glamorous view we had, the fireworks were still fun.

Aside from that, we had spent the night having dinner in front of the television. “The Simpsons” were great, as usual. I loved “The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special”, and I discovered the American show, “Glee” on the night of its season finale.

I quite like American family dramas, having grown up on “The Waltons”, “Eight Is Enough” and more recently, “Seventh Heaven”. “Glee” is a kind of modern take on that tradition, but with a bit of a camp twist to it also.

And kinda fitting, as my extended weekend home with the family continues with lots of meals, chatting, and other family stuff.

My only trips out of the house today were to the papershop this morning and to the videoshop tonight. It’s that kind of holiday. And I’m loving it.

PS. In other television watching. I tried the new English language version of Wallander that screened on 7/Prime last night. But that was too weird seeing them speaking with English accents while all the signs and text and names were Swedish. It just looked like a bad dub job, even though I think Kenneth Brannagh is great.

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  1. I’ve seen the Swedish Wallander movies on SBS and they are terrific. (The fact that his male offsider is good looking is a bonus for we gay viewers.) I don’t see the point of the Branagh version, as good as it is, unless it is for viewers too lazy to bother with sub-titles.

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