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En ledig dag

Unexpectedly, it’s become a relaxation day for me. The last week has caught up with me, and I had to come home mid-afternoon for a nap. I’ve been here a week and I’ve done so much, I guess my body has caught up with me a little.

Aside from that, I’m staying for a few days in a hostel which, in itself is a little tiring. The crowd in the hostel is much younger than the last time I stayed here. And last night, I was woken twice while trying to get a good night’s sleep.

The first time was by the two girls I have dubbed, “The Whispering Russian Lezzos” (aka Tatu). They’re two young girls who spend hours and hours in the room whispering to each other. Personally, I think they’ve got an unresolved unspoken lezzo thing going on, but that’s for them to discover in their own time, I guess. I know they think they’re being polite while whispering, but it’s damn annoying.

The second time was by the two I’ve dubbed, “The Scottish Groupies”, a guy and a girl who are following their favourite group around Europe at the moment. When they first began talking about last night’s concert with a Swedish girl in the room (at about three this morning), I was mildly interested. I thought they were chatting about one of my favourite Swedish groups, Kent. But they weren’t. And that’s when I lost interest, and asked them politely to keep the noise down. They apologized this morning for waking me, while members of Tatu haven’t so far.

Breaking up the ice
Breaking up the ice
A fine spot to relax near the Stockholm city hall
A fine spot to relax near the Stockholm city hall
Katarinahissen view this week - the snow is disappearing
Katarinahissen view this week – the snow is disappearing
Ewww... not so winter wonderland
Ewww… not so winter wonderland
Evert Taube, a famous Swedish musician and composer
Evert Taube, a famous Swedish musician and composer
Sodermalm Churchyard
Sodermalm Churchyard
Stockholm city hall
Stockholm city hall

Staying in a hostel for a few days is a compromise I knew I was making to save a few dollars along the way. It’s $25 per night which is worth the compromise, I think, since I’m staying in nice accommodation elsewhere.

And I’m glad I did it, I just forgot one of my principles for staying in hostels from my last trip, being that you should actually go for the really large dorms, as you usually end up with a more peaceful experience there. People tend to be a little more courteous given the size of the room.

Anyway, aside from that observation, it was a fairly relaxed day for me.

I had some breakfast at a great little Italian cafe just around the corner, wandered around the city looking, caught a train, and then came back home for an afternoon nap.

And my body reminded me today, that in the midst of all of this wonderful sight-seeing, and mind-enhancing cultural experiences, I also need to rest up a little, because, after all, this is a holiday!

No plans for the night, though I may have to wander out for peace of mind.

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  1. Sue

    I am in Sydney this weekend and because Gary is in house renovation mode and you are away I ended up at Y Hotel at the other end of Cleveland St. I should have spoken to you first because you could have told me that although it is cheap and I get a clean, single room with ensuite the noise is AMAZING. I swapped rooms after the first 5mins because I was on the train line side but the road noise is nearly as bad and the people in rooms either side are watching tv and having showers etc. Might duck out and see if you left the balcony door ajar at your place! Oh well probably good practice for my trip to India which is why I am actually here.

    1. James

      Yes, you should have asked :)

  2. JudgeG

    A nanna nap in Stockholm ( as opposed to a “Nanne” nap!)

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