Matter of Routine

My friend Sue rang me last night half way through Swedish class. When I called her back later, she commented that she couldn’t remember which was which. “Was it Swedish Night or was it Pub Night?”, she asked, a reference to some of my regular weekly routines. Tuesdays is Swedish. Wednesdays is pub.

I have a regular daily routine also. As I make my way towards work every morning I inevitably make a call into my favourite coffee shop, Coffee Trails near Railway Square. They make organic, free-trade, whale friendly etc etc etc coffee, and they make it well. They know my name, and they know what I like. They’re a bunch of nice people too.

While I’m waiting for my coffee, I inevitably make my way to the nearby German bakery. In the midst of all the cakes and other sweet things, they have wonderful rolls made with cheese and ham and all sorts of other exotic European things. The food is completely addictive. They’re real Germans too.

And then of course, tonight, it was pub night. My regular Wednesday night catching up with friends.

I don’t THINK my life is in a rut. But I do have some wonderful routines.

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