Thursday in Adelaide

Looking glamorous in a bathrobe
Looking glamorous in a bathrobe

By the time I arrived in Adelaide later this afternoon I was already feeling a little tired.

I had a brief nap on the plane.

And then when I checked into my hotel tonight I yawned at reception, prompting a sympathetic smile from the woman behind the desk.

After last night’s “work dinner” I had an early start to the day, coming in at 6am to catch up with some team members.

Back in my hotel room I had a little lie down and a brief nap. I also watched some breakfast television which is something I never normally do. I’ve concluded that both Sunrise and Today have the potential to rot your brain, and that ABC News Breakfast and Sky TV would be my preferred entertainment if I watched breakfast TV.

Work-wise this has been a really productive, enjoyable and therefore satisfying trip so far.

But I’m starting to get a little weary.

Although work trips sound glamorous, you end up working long days without the creature comforts of home, and thus start to get a little tired.

When I went out for a bite to eat tonight I never wandered very far. Though I could have sat in a restaurant somewhere, I ended up getting noddles in a box, a bottle of wine, and coming back to my room.

I COULD have ventured out tonight to check out some Adelaide nightlife. But frankly, the fresh sheets and clean bathrobe have been too much of a temptation.

There comes a time in your life when the allure of a night on the town in Adelaide is tempered by the allure of a quiet night by yourself in a hotel room.

The place I am staying is nice, though a little dated. The room is clean, tidy etc. But both the colour scheme and the technology are a bit 90s. They have movies on demand, and a “fax machine”, but the “service information book” fails to even acknowledge internet access.

The bathrobe is nice though.

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