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Last night, one in four Australians watched “Master Chef” apparently. I wasn’t one of them. Although I’ve seen the program on occasion, I haven’t watched it as enthusiastically as many others have. I saw the show in Paris and enjoyed that, and I watched a few episodes of the previous series, but I haven’t gotten into it this time.

And so I’ve had to catch up with things today. First, at work. And then later on Channel 10 News. And then later on Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Today Tonight went with the anti-Master Chef theme quoting a few people who said the contestants will never make good chefs in their own right. Meanwhile, A Current Affair went with the pro-Master Chef theme, cashing in on the good will the program obviously enjoys.

I caught the Channel 10 piece more because I wanted to record something on my new PVR.

Well, that’s maybe an exaggeration. It’s actually a digital set-top-box with USB and external HDD capacity.

When it comes to technology, I’m usually an early adopter. But when it comes to digital recording of television programs I’m been quite behind.

I bought a REALLY good VCR about 10 years ago and, to be honest, haven’t used it all that much since I got Foxtel five years ago, started watching downloads and DVDs, and began using catch-up technologies like iview. I watch television, though it’s mostly background noise. Thus, I’ve never really had much need to record programs.

I’ve looked at recorders from time to time and have never really had the great desire to buy one. I’ve always been worried the capacity would fill too quickly, or the technology would pass me by. Lots of reasons not to buy one, because I didn’t really think I’d use it.

But then I saw a cheapie set top box the other week from Kogan – the same company I bought my DAB+/internet radio from – which I concluded fulfilled my minimal need for something like this at a reasonable cost. In this case it was $79 plus postage and handling.

So far I’ve been experimenting with recording to USB to make sure I understand the technology. Later, I’ll connect it to my external hard drive which has sufficient capacity to record hours and hours of endless crap. Using this I can simply transfer via USB whatever I might want. It also gives me the capacity to use USB or external hard drive to watch things via the television set.

“It’s my new gadget. My new toy”, I told a mate at work today. I’m probably not going to use it all that much, but at the moment it’s fun.

And although I’m a uber-geek when it comes to things computer and technology wise, it helps me get up to date with the magical world of recording digital television.

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  1. I love this tweet, by the way….

    tysonarmstrong @JamesOBrienAU The first man to adopt digital radio, the last man to adopt PVR.

  2. Much like DVDs, I was an early adopter of digital tv recording which is odd because I watch so little of it. The only things I think I’ve captured have been the Sondheim interview and two episodes of Australian Idol (the latter purely for the fact that I was in the audience), and an episode of a kids TV show that Nico had a role in. I now have an EyeTV on my Mac, but it’s rarely used. Reception is awful.

    I saw that DAB+/Internet radio at Kogan about a week ago, however I decided that when I want to listen to something, it’s probably in my 340+ gigs of music.

    Let me know how it works out for you, and if it changes your habits.

    1. All going fine so far, except missing a recording. To be frank, I’m trying to see if I can live without Foxtel. Now there’s a news channel, it’s becoming easier to do so. I reckon after a month, if it’s changed my habits enough, I should be able to ditch paying money for nothing :)

  3. You’ve become a timeshifter! We sometimes work in the evenings, so we record quite a bit, and watch it during the leaders’ debate, David Attenborough or any other nacha programs, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings before the news. Works for us.

    1. Hoping it might work for me also. I used to record a bit, but rely on catch up things more like iview. Would like to ditch the pay, as I really only use it as background noise, for occasional Swedish films, and for news channels. Most TV is rubbish :)

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