Always on a Wednesday

A few weeks ago on a Wednesday night, I came into work to organise our coverage of the Labor leadership challenge.

Tonight I was back in at work, as Kevin Rudd chose to “break his silence” in an interview with Phillip Adams, which was replayed in part elsewhere on the ABC.

But not before I’d gone to a “media drinks” event, organised by a finance company, which also had a political flavour to it.

Anthony Akroyd as Julia Gillard
Anthony Akroyd as Julia Gillard

The company had employed Anthony Akroyd, famous for his impersonation of Kevin Rudd, to appear as both Kevin Rudd and as Julia Gillard.

His impersonation of Rudd is very funny, and I’ve seen him do it a few times.

He’s still working on his impersonation of Gillard. He has the voice and the body movements down pat. But there’s still the issue of a bloke in a frock which probably still needs some work. Bloody funny though.

And there again, he might not need to spend too much time working on the impersonation. August 21 will be the decider.

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