Discovering Hobart

You know how sometimes you go to one of those “large dinners” at a conference venue and there’s lots to complain about? With a choice of beef or chicken, you often find the chicken is under-cooked and the beef over-cooked. The meals are also often under-sized, and you’re more hungry at the end of the night than you were at the beginning. And don’t get me started on the wine…

That was not the case tonight. I went to a work-related conference awards and dinner at Moorilla Estate, a winery on the outskirts of Hobart. The food was excellent, and the serves plentiful. The wine was also excellent, and reasonably plentiful. And the service? Top notch. I never heard a word of complaint from anyone. In fact, quite the opposite, with many people saying it was the best “conference dinner” I’ve experienced.

The other great discovery of the day was the Bahá’í Information Centre in Hobart. The Bahá’í is a religious faith which believes in spiritual universality, and that Abraham, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad were all messengers. Anyway, they have a beautiful information centre in Hobart not far from the ABC, which was our conference venue for the day. It’s not consecrated ground, merely an information centre, with conference facilities and a great cafe. Lunch was also very good.

Hobart has a lot going for it. And I found myself wondering if my “life journey” would eventually take me to live in Hobart for a while, having lived in many other states and territories. Probably not, as I think my immediate future remains in Sydney, but it was interesting to think about for a while.

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  1. Reasonably plentiful??

    I didn’t see the bottom of my glass all night.

    Brilliant food (although I did send my steak back as it was well done) and great fun.

    Best one I’ve been to.

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