Doing My Chores

Whitepages at my front door
Whitepages at my front door

As I came in and out of my apartment block a few times today I kept an eye on the pile of “White Pages” on the door-step. Would anyone actually collect them?

For at least the last five years, I’ve noticed almost no-one from my block bothers to pick them up. The pile remains there, mostly untouched, until it disappears a few weeks later. I’ve noticed the slim-down Easter Suburbs version is often picked up, but the larger versions of White and Yellow pages, are almost never taken.

It was a day of “chores” for me. I needed to replace some washers in the shower, and I needed a new cable for my computer. So I was in and out of the building a few times today. I also had a few other minor chores to worry about. At the end of the day, having completed these chores, I felt quite satisfied.

Don’t ask me what else happened today… as there’s nothing else to report.


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