Doing My Chores

Whitepages at my front door
Whitepages at my front door

As I came in and out of my apartment block a few times today I kept an eye on the pile of “White Pages” on the door-step. Would anyone actually collect them?

For at least the last five years, I’ve noticed almost no-one from my block bothers to pick them up. The pile remains there, mostly untouched, until it disappears a few weeks later. I’ve noticed the slim-down Easter Suburbs version is often picked up, but the larger versions of White and Yellow pages, are almost never taken.

It was a day of “chores” for me. I needed to replace some washers in the shower, and I needed a new cable for my computer. So I was in and out of the building a few times today. I also had a few other minor chores to worry about. At the end of the day, having completed these chores, I felt quite satisfied.

Don’t ask me what else happened today… as there’s nothing else to report.

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  1. Hi James, I work at Sensis, publisher of the Yellow Pages and White Pages books, and I’d like to help out. Are you able to email me with your address details at so I can look into this for you?

    The usage of our books remains very strong in Australia, with more than 20 million searches being conducted each week (Source: Roy Morgan, June 2010). However, we also respect people’s choices which is why we provide an option for Australians to order books or cancel delivery via a toll-free number (1800 008 292) and online at

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Jessica,
      I’ve actually done this for myself over the weekend when I googled to see if I could do it. But obviously the other people in my block may not know. I’m happy to put up something on our noticeboard so people can do this if there’s something you can suggest ot say.

  2. Hi James, I’m pleased to hear you found the website over the weekend. With regard to the delivery of books to apartments, we leave sufficient copies for tenants less any cancellations received, and come back approximately two weeks later to recover any left over books. If the books have been there for more than two weeks, it would be good if you can email me your details so we can arrange to have them collected.
    Thanks James.
    Kind regards,

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