Summer Is Over

Cricket fans on Oxford Street
Cricket fans on Oxford Street

Oxford Street is an odd little street, isn’t it? One minute you’re asked by someone for any change you might have, the next you find yourself behind a six-foot-tall drag queen. Minutes later, and you’re walking in the midst of cricket fans on their way back from the SCG, or a group of young people out for a night on the town making the end of the weekend count.

Or you’re a forty-something like me who has just been out for dinner with mates, and you’ve decided one extra drink before going home makes sense. Or not.

Heading out for dinner was a toughie in some ways: the Oprah in Australia special wasn’t due to finish until 8.30pm, which meant that I would have been late for dinner. Thankfully, Olivia Newton-John turned out to be incredibly boring, and so leaving during her appearance on Oprah, and then hitting the record meant I was able to make dinner right on time.

Fallen leaves in one of my local parks
Fallen leaves in one of my local parks

We ate at the newly re-opened Balkan Restaurant on Oxford Street. I’m not exactly sure when it re-opened, but I certainly remember when it closed a few months ago due to a fire.

I’m soooo glad they’ve re-opened: both the food and the service there are brilliant. I was with a group of people who regularly go there, and we all had our favourites which the staff knew. I was the only one who they had to ask, since I’m less of a familiar face. I chose the Mixed Grill which comes out with that wonderful hot-grill flavour, and which was accompanied by their coleslaw and potato salads. It’s such great Sunday night comfort food, and the staff make you feel incredibly welcome which is an added bonus.

Aside from dinner, I paid my friend who is in hospital a visit. He’s feeling better, though really needed an afternoon nap. And I sat for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere of my local park.

Amazingly, the leaves have already started to fall. Is it early this year, or do they always fall at this time of the year?

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