The Heat Is On

Melting ice taken during my trip to Sweden
Melting ice taken during my trip to Sweden

There was only one occasion today when I left the house.

I needed some groceries, and so mid-afternoon I wandered down to the supermarket to stock up on important things like ice cream, ice blocks, and anything else I could find that was cold.

I also went in to the bottle shop and that’s when I felt the most hot. The queue was massive, mostly full of people buying ice. And sadly there was only one person on the cash register. The other, groan groan, was up the back helping a single customer. The queue wasn’t happy, the woman behind the cash register wasn’t happy, and neither was I. It was already hot, without having to stand in line as well.

Much has been written and said about Sydney’s hottest day or month on record or whatever was set. I have little to add, except I managed to keep reasonably okay by simply closing the blinds. Although there were times when I felt like I was Saddam Hussein down the whole, it meant I was able to keep reasonably comfortable as I spent most of the day on the couch reading a book.

And occasionally, I imagined for a moment I was back in Sweden and was surrounded by ice.

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