Royal Wedding

Swedish Prince Carl-Phillip out with his girlfriend in public
Swedish Prince Carl-Phillip out with his girlfriend in public

Even though Carl-Phillip is probably destined to historical obscurity – his elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria will be Sweden’s next monarch – there’s still a lot to find interesting in the Swedish Prince. For a start, he’s an outright spunk, and last week was voted “Sexiest Royal” in the world or something like that, though in my humble opinion, I’d put him JUST behind Prince Frederik of Denmark and Prince Harry of England in that regard.

Just like his older sister, Victoria, who for years wasn’t allowed to appear in public with her boyfriend, Daniel Westling because the Swedish Kung was opposed to their relationship, Carl-Phillip now finds himself in a similar position. This time around, according to the Swedish papers, it’s Queen Silvia who is against Carl-Phillip’s relationship with Sofia Hellqvist. Nonetheless, they’ve appeared in public, and that’s big news in the weekend papers in Sweden.

Swedish royal wedding snow dome
Swedish royal wedding snow dome

Meanwhile in Australia, it seems like every television station has sent half their on-air crew to London. Having watched quite a few hours of television over the weekend I’m a little bored with it already. I loved the Diana/Charles wedding, I loved the Fergie/Andrew Wedding, and like many others I had a good cry at the Diana Funeral. I also LOVED when Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson married, and had a sniffle or two watching that. I even bought a snow dome for last year’s Swedish Royal Wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I like a royal wedding – it’s a lovely distraction.

But I already feel like everyone’s going a little over the top over this one. Why was Chris Bath on Channel 7 in London tonight? Won’t they just take pool-vision from the BBC? Why were there a dozen promos – probably more – for the wedding in less than ninety minutes of television watching tonight? These a largely rhetorical questions because I work in the media and I know the answers. That said, it’s still bloody annoying.

I’ll watch the wedding on Friday night – probably watch ABC 1 and record The Chaser on ABC 2 for later comic replay – but in the meantime, I’d love nothing more than a “royal wedding free zone”. Yeah, I know… “you’re dreamin’…”

Meanwhile back here in Lismore, it’s been a day of more wii playing, family chattin’ and helping my elder nephew with some computer stuff. Best of all? Another day off work tomorrow. Yay.

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  1. I had to Google Carl-Phillip after reading your assessment and I agree he is damned good looking, a bit like English actor Orlando Bloom.

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