Fat, but getting thinner

Over the last week or so I’ve had a few people comment to me that I’m looking a little more thin than usual. And yes, that’s true. I checked the scale tonight and I was in my late 80s, though the other day I weighed as little as 85kg.

For someone my height, that’s still majorly overweight, but for me it’s not too bad. Although I do remember when I weighed less than 60kg (when I was at university), I’ve mostly weighed in excess of 90kg for the last 10 to 15 years. A few years ago, I was actually over 100kg. And for someone who is 175cm tall, that’s not a good look, as you would realise.

But to be back in the 85kg range is a good thing for me. I reckon I could make it back to 80kg if I kept up the weight/exercise regime I’ve been doing lately.

My current weight
My current weight

For me, the big issue remains that I find exercise quite boring, so weight loss/maintenance tends to be something which happens accidentally, more than planned. Most times when I’m travelling I lose some weight. In 2008, for example, I shed a lot of weight. Last year, I also lost a few kilograms.

As winter approaches, I worry that I’ll put the kilos back on again :(

Anyway, aside from weight, it’s been a day of catching up with friends for a meeting of Hawkesbury One and then tonight catching up with some friends for dinner and drinks tonight. I doubt the combination of both did much for my weight loss regime :(

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  1. Good job! It’s hard work – I used to weigh in at just over 100 kilos myself. Like you, I find exercise dull, so try to maintain a healthy weight through diet. But, like you, I love eating out and socialising, and food is often the centre of time spent with friends. You seem to be doing fine, but my tip is plan, plan, plan – especially snacks! I love snacking so, instead of buying muffins and such at work, I try to take carrot and celery sticks, muesli bars, apples, tuna, cheese, water crackers and such to work.

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