Hawkesbury One Exhibition Launch

For at least a year, we’ve been anticipating the showing at Newcastle Region Art Gallery of the Hawkesbury One Collection. This is the art collectors group that I’ve been involved in for almost ten years now. In short, we are a group of friends and family members from Sydney and Newcastle who have combined our resources to buy art which we own and share around our homes collectively.

Unlike other art collections which are ordinarily shown in art galleries, ours is a little different in that we’re not “patron collectors” and ours is not the result of curation by a major gallery. The collection is the work we’ve chosen over a period of time because we just liked the works, a point which most people seem to have understood.

After all that anticipation, the collection was officially opened this weekend, and will show until mid-September.

It was so exciting to see the collection presented beautifully on the walls of the gallery, to see everyone together with ear to ear grins as we celebrated the achievement we have made, and to have our friends and family around us.

It was also really great to meet some of the artists, including Arryn Snowball and Pamela See who had come down from Brisbane.

Overall, an exciting happy day.

If you’re in Newcastle over the next few months,you might want to pop in to the gallery to take a look.

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