Mission Accomplished

The view from my chair at work
The view from my chair at work

As much as possible I try to avoid going in to work on the weekends. Although there’s something wonderfully seductive about getting a few things done without any one else around, I figure it’s really important to have a couple of days away from the place each weekend. No one’s going to their grave saying “I wish I spent more time at work”. But today I went in to work with one mission in mind: to clean up my office.

A combination of general untidiness on my part, and the recent inheritance of several large boxes of “crap” (yes, I said it) from my old office has left my office barely fit for human inhabitation over the last few weeks. You wouldn’t believe how many books and CDs I receive each week, and on top of that there’s all of those old, no longer important files. Boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff that I really no longer need. And, as I said, I’m a pretty untidy individual by nature.

So today I went in with one purpose in mind: to restore some sense to my office. To go through the books and CDs and see what I should keep, an what could find another home somewhere. To go through those three filing cabinets I have and to do a really big cull. And to have a look at the paperwork in that overflowing inbox (none of it was important, as I had everything electronically anyway) and try and make some sense of it.

After a couple of hours there’s still a bunch of stuff I still need to go through, but I’m feeling a sense of self-satisfaction that, at last, I made a good effort to try and restore some sense of sanity and control about the vast amount of junk that was taking up too much space. Mission accomplished!

Next? The very scary second, spare bedroom.

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  1. My team and I moved desks on Friday. It was amazing how much – yes – crap I accrued. There were piles of paperwork I was saving for reference, and when I looked at it critically, I realised there was NONE of it that I needed! Into the bin!

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