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Big Prawn at Ballina
Big Prawn at Ballina

Reassuringly the “Big Prawn” at Ballina remains in its rightful place, despite receivership, desperate need of a paint job etc. I’ve been passing the “Big Prawn” for many, many years. Over the last few years, though, it’s been looking a little desperate. There’s been talk of possible owners, and possible movement to a new location. Despite this talk, the “Big Prawn” remains a highlight of the trip between Lismore and Ballina, which we did again today as I made my way back from the North Coast to Sydney.

It was very much a day of “packing”, sitting around a chatting, and getting ready to return to Sydney. A bit of a sleep-in, more ham, more ham, and even more ham, and then later in the afternoon the drive to Ballina. As I arrived back in Sydney, I noticed, judging by the left-over boxes in my back lane-way, portable ovens were one of the Christmas Gifts of choice this year in Surry Hills.

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