Missing Bieber

As I made my way to the supermarket tonight, I noticed there were about twenty teenage girls camping out at Globen, the big concert/sports arena in Stockholm. Actually, I’d noticed them last night too, but didn’t think too much of it at the time. “That’s odd”, I thought briefly, thinking they must have been queueing for concert tickets. Do people still queue for concert tickets? Or is it all done on-line these days? “What’s on?”, I asked one of them. That’s when I discovered Justin Bieber is playing Globen tomorrow night.

This is only of interest because I’ve spent the last week staying opposite the arena. From my bed-room (on the seventh floor) I have an uninterupted view of the arena. From the main living area, I’ve been able to sit and have dinner and watch the rotation of posters on the electronic billboard reflected in the window. For a while today, I actually sat outside on the balcony enjoying the sunshine. It was that kind of day. Warm weather. Clear skies. What more could you ask for?

Tomorrow night I might have been able to sit on the balcony and listen in as Justin Bieber entertained Stockholm’s teenage girls. I quite like Baby, Baby as a song, by the way. Instead, I’ll be on my way to Turkey. You can expect lots of great photographs and hopefully some interesting stories.

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    1. Possibly/probably. Will make the decision next week sometime. Meanwhile, loving Turkey already.

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