Sandra and Me

Sandra and James
Sandra and James

For about four years now I’ve been corresponding with fellow blogger, Sandra Carpenter. She’s an American, married to Robert (an Australian) who has been living in Stockholm for almost a decade. We first met through our respective blogs, and then in 2010, we met in real life.

Spending a few months in Stockholm last year, we had a really great time doing lots of things together. As I returned to Sydney at the end of May, we both (independently) experienced a moment of sadness when we realised we no longer “lived” in the same city, as we share lots of similar interests and experiences.

Sandra and Robert are both in Sydney at the moment. Robert’s work has brought him here and Sandra could continue to do hers locally, as she works for an international company.

Even with limited time, we’ve found time to catch up. We had dinner on Sunday night. And then yesterday, we both started and left work a little early, so we could do some sight-seeing, visit some galleries, and enjoy a drink and a meal (Robert joined us later).

We managed to squeeze so much in such a brief period of time that we were both feeling a little tired this morning, as we exchanged emails. Even this evening, I took a rain-check on catching up with another friend because I was still quite exhausted from all that we managed to over the course of eight or nine hours. It was a lovely day, with many cherished memories to live on, I’m sure.

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