I hadn’t planned on going home for Christmas this year. I’d already taken six weeks annual leave this year, and figured it was “my time” to work through, while my colleagues took a break.

But then I got a text message from Michelle, with a photograph of her son Sam, receiving his end of year class certificates, and I started to feel emotional about it all. And then, there was an email from Jetstar with cheap ticket options.

And so, thanks to a combination of cheap tickets, and points from Qantas and Virgin, I booked tickets. I’m flying to Lismore on Christmas Day, and returning to Sydney a few days later. My Christmas Day plans are: wake up, pop in for a church service somewhere, and then head to the Qantas Lounge at Sydney airport for a few hours where, hopefully, there’ll be some lovely treats, ahead of a flight to Ballina/Byron.

In the meantime, here’s a few photographs from the last few days, which have included a lovely catch-up last night with three out of four of those of us involved in Surry Hills & Valleys, a farewell for a work colleague (where we presented him with the book, “The Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump”), and the aforementioned nephew’s end of year class certificates. Oh, and my lame-arse attempt at Christmas lights this year.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Plans

  1. Your lights are very pretty. One cannot even begin to guess what the book is about. Enjoy the time with your family and best seasonal wishes.

  2. I can only assume the Trump book is full of blank pages but I’ve been wrong before. Your lights are lovely.

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