Almost Too Sick For The Doctor

I have been away from work for the last two days with some kind of weird hayfever/summer cold kinda thing. In fact, I felt so shit I was on the verge of cancelling my planned visit to the doctor to have some potential skin cancer spots identified. It would be all too confusing I thought, to turn up coughing and spluttering. On top of that, there’s the sebaceous cyst which has recently re-appeared on my back, almost seven years after it was surgically removed. “I’m here for the skin cancer spots”, I told my doctor, though mentioning the other ailments.

All those years of being a pasty-faced boy growing up in the country, combined with a red-headed ancestry makes me a prime candidate for skin cancer. “I diagnosed myself thanks to Google”, I told the doctor, adding, “But I thought I should get them properly checked”. She agreed with my analysis. So yeah, a couple of spots to be frozen off next week, or maybe cream, as I also suffer with keloid scarring. The 1991 appendectomy scar is still with me now, appearing like it happened only last week. Nothing to worry about, though she added “But with your skin, I think we need to hook you up with a dermatologist”.

Combined with a case of summer flu, I was feeling a bit down today. But then my friend Kate called, and asked “I’m in Surry Hills. Where are you?”. We caught up for a late lunch and a chat, which made me feel soooooo much better. She’s an awesome photographer, and here’s her photograph of my feet where you can spot the skin cancer spot (or at least one of them).

Spot the spot on Crown Street, Surry Hills

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  1. As a fellow pasty-faced person from the country/coast, I feel you on the skin cancer thing!

    I’m riddled with spots and scars and now have regular dermatologist checks – and lectures about the wasted youth spent in the sun covered in oil. Lectures which are really quite pointless because what can I do about that now?

    I hope you’re more comfortable and have recovered from the summer flu (the worst!)

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