February Socials

February 8 : A few months ago I snapped this pic of Jordan Ravi at Parap Markets in Darwin and said to my friend, I reckon he’s destined for big things. And now he’s on #australiadecides #sbseurovision !!!
February 11 : Admittedly it’s 1.30pm on a Wednesday, but it’s hardly a sell-out for my seat to see the winner of this year’s Best Movie at the Academy Awards.
February 14 : Heading back to Swedish class next week, and we’re studying the classic Swedish novels by Vilhelm Moberg, about immigration to America, amidst widespread povety, in the 1800s. Not a lot of laughs, though this did make me smile.
February 22 : In the commentary box with Natasha and @shannonbyrne23
at St Mary’s v Tiwi Islands in Darwin.
February 22 : You know it makes sense. Tiwi Islands v St Mary’s in Darwin.

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