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With news today of furtther job losses in the airline industry in Australia, and a prediction there will not be many international flights for at least another year, I’ve begun to think about (and save money for) where I might visit next. There are lots of places I would like to go. Vietnam, Korea. But of course, Stockholm is also one of them. So in lieu of international travel, I’ve been checking out some music videos (of songs which I really like) which highlight Stockholm. There’s a range of musical styles. There’s also a bit of Swedish noir going on in the clips.

Meet me in Gamla Stan (The Old Town)
This song by Peter Jöback is a wonderful testament to Stockholm and the midnight sun. “Is there anything as beautiful as Stockholm at night?”, Peter asks. The lyrics of the song also reflect on significant locations in recent history, such as where Anna Lindh, the Swedish politician was killed; and the location where Clark Olofsson (who was present at the robbery) which led to the phrase “Stockholm Syndrome” .
I absolutely love this song: it’s soulful. It also has a terrific video clip shot around inner city parts of Stockholm. I actually recognise a couple of the well-known faces of the city.
This is a wonderful combination of Swedish rap and pop, with a rif from “All Along The Watchtower”. The lyric asks the question, “Is it so hard to be happy?”, and features lots of “real life” characters from Stockholm.
Also from Veronica Maggio is this terrific song and one-shot video clip shot on Södermalm (the south island). Once a very working class area, it’s now “hipster central”. This clip is a joy to watch.
Roxette was an awesome band from the 80s / 90s / 00s, who had some great international hits. But you would have never known they were Swedish, unless you looked closely at their video clips, many of which featured Stockholm as a backdrop. This is a favourite, as it features quite a few scenes in the Old Town, and there’s a glorious scene where Marie jumps into Lake Mälaren and sings with ducks!
And finally this song by Tove Lo, which is all about the experiences of many young women, with scenes in bars and around the Stockholm subway. We’ve all been there!

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