Revisiting RRHS and Lismore Farmers Market

I’m pretty sure the last time I visited my old high school was around the time of our class reunion in 2004.

This morning, I took a trip down memory lane, revisiting the school, albeit not venturing onto school grounds. There’s a fence around the school now, as befits the changing times, with concerns around safety for the students, the staff and the school property.

A few other things have changed, too, such as the nearby sports ground and the school farm. They still have both, they’ve just changed a bit.

The school also has a new name.

While in the area, I also paid a visit to the Lismore Farmers Markets.

Once again, Lismore is back in lockdown, but the markets continue.

As “scrambled eggs” is our Sunday night “special” I picked up some farm eggs, as well as some home made jam.

A short video of Lismore Farmers Market, at Lismore Showground.
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