You know how some things only capture your interest when you see someone else looking at them?

I can’t keep track of the number of times I’ve walked past the sign for the Lyle Roberts Senior Memorial Bush Food Garden, down by the river bank at Lismore.

There’s another sign explaining a little about who Lyle Roberts Senior was, an Indigenous elder, who I’ve mentoned previously. But until today, I’ve never stopped to read the sign which explains the Bush Food Garden in greater detail.

And it’s only because today I saw someone else stopping to read it, and to look more closely at some of the plants that I decided to do the same myself.

Lyle Roberts Senior Memorial Bush Food Garden

In the midst of getting some exercise, it was awesome to stop, to read, to look around and to observe the kind of things you don’t often see when you’re running around with headphones on. You might think youre “in nature” when you’re doing that, but you’re not really unless you stop, to think and observe.

One of the other things I noticed today was that the winter covers had been removed from the Lismore Baths. It was a warm day here, and a swim would have been lovely. But it’s still closed, of course.
And I noticed this very cute display in a music store shop window. Also closed.

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Lismore Walk

  1. Young people probably know what a record player is, but have never really studied them. How fascinated they would be to watch the operation of an auto changing record player in action. Was it three lps or four singles that could be stacked? Might be time to head off to YouTube.

    I only ever wear one ear bud when out. I don’t like being audibly disconnected from my surrounds. I need to hear the tram bell before the tram hits me.

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