Hips and Knees?

“Are you a city-slicker, mate? How do you cope with all the traffic?”, the bloke in the chair next to me asked, as he started up a conversation, as we waited at the hospital today.

I was in for fairly minor surgery, having a sebaceous cyst removed. “I’m in to have my ear reattached. I blew it off the other week”, he told me, adding they would need to do some significant reconstruction work, and that he already had metal plates inside his head.

He was from Griffith and had been referred to Sydney by Wagga Base Hospital, as they couldn’t do it locally.

We went on to chat about Griffith and Wagga, and in particular the growth of Wagga Base Hospital. Thanks Darryl and Gladys!

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital 2021

He went on to describe the process of driving 600km from Griffith, staying in a caravan park, and then taking a further hour to drive into the city today. “We were hoping to cross the bridge, but missed the turn-off, so ended up in the tunnel,” he told me with a genuine air of disappointment.

His experience was a wonderful contrast to my own reasonably minor operation, and having travelled less than 2kilometres on the 352 bus!

He was one of those lovely friendly country blokes, always keen for a chat. “These knickers are pretty sexy”, he joked with one of the nurses, when asked to put on a gown, and some very unsexy knickers.

The whole process today was seamless. I arrived at 7.30, and by 9.30, I was gulping down the gas. By 11.30, I was awake, but only after the calls from several people asking me to wake up. ‘Sorry, I love sleeping”, I told them.

My wound! You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to do a “back selfie”

Before I knew it, I was picked up by my friend and neighbour, Karina and was home and sleeping again

I have had an operation every ten years. At 26, it was my appendix. At 36, it was a fistula. At 46, it was a sebaceous cyst. And today, at 56, that cyst was removed again. Should I book in now for 66? Hips/knees?

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